Ohio State’s chill-inducing national championship trailer is fantastic

Commence spine-tingly chills. Damn, I love this sh*t. THE Ohio State Buckeyes are set to lock horns with the mighty Ducks of Oregon on Monday night for the national title. In today’s day and age, you can’t have that big a moment in your program’s history and NOT produce your version of the EPIC, VIRAL, […]

Saints’ Tight End Benjamin Watson’s Post on Ferguson Unrest Worth Reading

I’ve admittedly read little of the post-non-indictment Ferguson commentary. This is purposeful. I’ve found so much of what I’ve read or heard — including media, friends on various social platforms and everday conversation — to be stupid, ignorant, misinformed, uninformed or, not atypically, some unique amalgamation of all of those things. So, I choose to maintain my […]

Richard Sherman Destroys NFL with Help of Doug Baldwin Cardboard Cut Out

Richard Sherman is a very talented football player. He is also quite an intelligent individual. Did we mention he’s outspoken too? Sometimes these dynamic forces come together in very compelling ways. Today’s “press conference” was another sterling example. Sherman shines as he and a cardboard cut out of Seahawks teammate Doug Baldwin take the stage […]

Patrick Peterson Says DeSean Jackson and Mike Wallace Have “Crackhead Speed”

Sometimes you miss great things, if you’re not looking. Like new terms. Phrases you’ve never heard. You know, like “crackhead speed.” Not following? Well, All-Pro corner Patrick Peterson of the Arizona Cardinals can help clarify. After holding Megatron largely in check this past Sunday, Peterson appeared on The Dan Patrick Show earlier this week. The […]

Tim Duncan Gets SUPER-Excited in Latest Foot Locker Spot

It’s almost holiday time. And as the “shopping season” gets pushed earlier and earlier, it means brands and marketers are turning on their efforts as well. Luckily, that means the “week of greatness” is back from Foot Locker. The weeklong pre-Turkey Day blitz from the footwear retailer traditionally integrates athletes and does so in a […]

Georgia Bulldogs “We Are One” is Ultimate Pump Up Video

This Saturday night the #15 Georgia Bulldogs take on SEC foe Auburn down in Athens, Georgia. In an emerging new tradition of today’s digital age, the Dawgs have created a pump-up video to get fans and players geared up in advance of the evening showdown. I have to say, it’s one of the best I’ve […]


  • Jets head coaching search: is there an upgrade available?

    Jets head coaching search: is there an upgrade available?

    I admit. I was, and am, a Rex Ryan fan. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t time for him to go…maybe. But, really, I get it. He’s not Bill Walsh. There’s more bravado than brains at times. That said,  I appreciated things that Rex brought to the table for this franchise over the last six seasons. […]

  • J-E-T-S: Just End the Season, Indeed

    J-E-T-S: Just End the Season, Indeed

    Six wins is a stretch goal. The Jets are that bad. I guess many of the pundits knew that going into the season. Maybe some of us fans simply got sucked into the sometimes mystical fairyland that one allows hims or herself to travel to when the record is 0-0 and there is no tarnish […]

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  • LeBron Returns to Akron in Powerful New Beats by Dre Commercial

    LeBron Returns to Akron in Powerful New Beats by Dre Commercial

    Beats by Dre did it again. This time LeBron is the featured star. The formula doesn’t deviate from previous Beats communications. Because it shouldn’t. Music that tells a story. Beautiful visual storytelling. Content that makes you ponder and discuss. It’s even got its own title: Re-established in 2014. It’s a clever nod to the tattoo […]

  • Sanchez recommends the chicken fingers to Nick Foles

    Sanchez recommends the chicken fingers to Nick Foles

    We like Mark Sanchez. For serious. Decent guy. Got a bum deal in New York. Still, not a very good NFL quarterback. That doesn’t stop him from making headlines — even as a backup signal caller in Philadelphia. Thank goodness for microphones on the field. And thank goodness for Sanchez continuing to feed whatever cravings […]

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