LeBron James is Coming Home to Cleveland…and He Did It Right

There are certain sports moments that, as a human with a blog, you simply have to respond to in writing. If nothing else, because they are historic. Perhaps that phrase is an overstatement, but I’d argue not. The greatest player in the NBA — and one who continues to push himself in the G.O.A.T. discussion […]

ESPN Breaks Down Chestnut’s Hot Dog Stomach

Over the fourth of July holiday, Joey Chestnut continued to build on his legacy and perhaps solidify himself as the greatest competitive eater of all-time. The latest feather in his cap was another Nathan’s hot dog eating contest crown, this time taking down 69 dogs in 10 minutes. It’s a truly incredible and frightening figure […]

Time for LeBron to Start Acting Like He’s Been There Before

The Miami Heat defeated the Brooklyn Nets in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Wednesday night in Miami. The Nets played poorly down the stretch, and the Heat showed their mettle. None of that surprised me. Nor did I think any of it really worth commentary. What did catch my eye though was […]

Thank Goodness for the Draft, So the Stinkin’ Mocks Can End

Tomorrow night, Commissioner Goodell will welcome the world to Radio City Music Hall. The Houston Texans will be on the clock. The madness will begin. Thank. Friggin. G-d. Because with that declaration, it will signal the death of the far-more-insane mock draft phenomenon. It can’t come soon enough. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to […]

Mets Rep NBA Style on Flight to Denver, Jay Horwitz Wins the Day

This is why social media can be fun. It often gives us a glimpse into our favorite teams, players and the “life” of athletes off the field — moreso than would have been possible before. Case in point? The New York Mets NBA-themed road trip. My Metros take on the Rockies tonight in Denver. Prior […]

Frank Caliendo’s Jon Gruden Impersonation is Pretty Money

Frank Caliendo may not be the best comedian of all time, but he does do some damn good impersonations. Whether it’s former Presidents or famed commentators, the man has a knack for becoming his subjects. We’ve loved what he’s done with guys like Barkley in the past. The latest? Caliendo tackles Jon Gruden…and does it […]


  • KD's Tearful MVP Speech for the Ages

    KD’s Tearful MVP Speech for the Ages

    Kevin Durant’s MVP speech was everything it should be. Sincere. Emotional. Appreciative. Humble. Respectful. Oh, and it will also make you cry. Some brand is likely reaching out to Durant right now with a multi-million dollar deal around a Mother’s Day campaign. Mark it down. Well done, KD. A well-deserved award and a fitting acceptance […]

  • LA Clippers Home Page Blackout: We Are One

    LA Clippers Home Page Blackout: We Are One

    NBA commissioner Adam Silver recently announced a lifetime ban for Donald Sterling. The LA Clippers site now features this image on its home page. Interesting times… Looking forward to this evening. Hopefully, this cloud temporarily passes over the players, and they can play the game. Let’s go, Clip Joint.

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  • Congratulations USMNT, You’ve Got Me to Care About Soccer for a Minute

    Well, thanks a whole lot Internet. Because of all your fancy smart phones and instantaneous ability to live record jubilant celebrations, you’ve now managed to make me care about US soccer and the World Cup. I mean, at least you did. For those four minutes… Go ‘murica.

  • Crying youngster captures essence of Chicago Cubs fandom

    Crying youngster captures essence of Chicago Cubs fandom

    The Chicago Cubs haven’t won a championship in 105 years. During that century-plus, the Cubbies have not only lost. They’ve made a habit of finding new and creative ways to torture their fans. Sadly, Wednesday’s tilt at Wrigley against the Diamondbacks was simply another sterling example of the Cubs being the Cubs. And I’m not […]

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