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A Jets Fan Excited About the Draft? I’m Just as Shocked Myself

Even This Can’t Bring Me Down, What Gives?

Some things just feel unnatural. For Brett Favre, it’s making decisions. For Chad Ochocinco, it’s quiet contemplation. And, for Jets fans, it’s confidence — of any kind. We’re much more accustomed to and comfortable with shattered dreams, meager expectations and a general glass-perpetually-empty view and approach to the world — at least as it relates to our Jets and their prospects. So, it’s particuarly strange that I find myself looking forward to the NFL Draft and its three days of televised hoopla later in April.

Seriously, it’s a strange phenomenon. It seems like forever that the Jets “needs” have extended to offensive line, defensive line, quarterback, the skill positions, secondary and linebackers. The somewhat laughable joke around Jet quarters has frequently been around the notion that it’s not where we need help, but what might be the few areas we actually don’t need to upgrade.

Yet, this year the feeling is decidedly different. The offensive line feels solidified for the foreseeable future. The franchise quarterback – whether he pans out to be or not — is in place. A young up and coming running back is joined in the backfield by a future HOF with a chip on his shoulder and the type of veteran fullback you love to have clearing the way (and in the locker room). There are certainly question marks, but those uncertainties are fewer and decidedly less scary. Most fans agree with King Kiper and his take:

Could it be that the draft is evolving into a place where Jets fans and management are simply looking for pieces to get the team closer to a championship? No, like, really? Has Ryan helped put the culture of losing in the rearview? Woody’s emerged from the shadows as an owner who nows seemed more focused on building and embracing a winner, and Tannenbaum’s willingness to take a chance all of the sudden feels more empowering than dangerous. What gives? Could the days of draft misery and a losing mentality be behind Jets fans forever? Is it OK to dream? On second thought, please don’t answer.

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  1. JW

    April 3, 2010 at 7:15 pm

    You really have to admire Mel Kiper, Jr. Who else could make a career out of saying the Jets have no idea what the draft is about and telling us that Trev Alberts sucked? Well done, sir…

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