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A Welcome Presence in Jetsland: Moore is More

Jets fans can be a pretty fickle bunch. That said, the team announced a late-season acquisition yesterday that should have Gang Green backers universally singing their praises. Tom Moore is going to be hanging around this squad full-time. And oh, is that a fine, fine thing.

Moore has been the warm, comforting blanket that Jets fans were glad was always “there” and only wished that Schotty and Gang Green could more comfortably wrap around them. The very visage of Moore sitting in the coaches box during last Sunday’s win at Washington was a sight for sore eyes for this Jets fan (and I’m sure so many others). The news that Moore’s mug will be more present through the remainder of the Jets season is welcome.

For as much as Rex Ryan says that Tom Moore’s hiring as a “consultant” (and now his subsequent promotion to ‘mega-consultant‘) has nothing to do with a lack of confidence in current OC Brian Schottenheimer, let’s just say Jets fans might be relieved if such a notion was the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. In fact, it gives me a level of confidence to imagine that Moore might just have a line into Schotty’s ear during the course of the game (even if that’s far from the case). I can imagine it now…

“Throw the ball to f-in Keller!”

“Try the Wildcat with someone other than Shonne Greene since that formation gives about a 99% clue to what we’re going to run and no options!”

“Tell Mark to check down to the wide open underneath routes!”

“Why don’t we try having Plax run 15 yards and turn around since half the d-backs in this league won’t be able to get around him?”

“Did you know screen passes are still legal in this league?”

Yes. All of this makes me feel better. Glad you’re staying for the party, Tom. In this case, Moore is definitely more. Here’s to hoping the honeymoon lasts deep into the winter.

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