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Alabama pizza owner honors Tebow’s birthday with unique pie

Pizza work

Pizz a work

When it comes to Tim Tebow, not a lot surprises us these days. We’re a bit sick of the constant coverage, but it’s impossible to ignore the reach and magnitude of Tebowmania. Whether at Jets camp in Cortland or an Easter sermon in Texas, the man draws crowds – and legions of fans. So, it should be seen as no way out of the ordinary that a pizza maker in Alabama crafted this ridonculuous concoction in honor of Timmy’s birthday this Tuesday.

Joe Carlucci owns Famous Joe’s Pizzeria in Madison, Alabama. And before any of my skeptical New York cronies scoff at the notion of pizza in Alabama, let me quickly mention that the “three-time world pizza acrobat champion” has some chops. And, if you hadn’t guessed from the dedication illustrated in his “artistic” endeavor pictured left, Joe’s a big fan of the J-E-T-S and an even bigger supporter of Tim Tebow. This creation features references to Tebow amidst a blanket of Jets green, all tastefully accented by our favorite biblical cues and, of course, a few crosses and homage to the man up above.

The deets on the pie? Here they are in all their splendor:

It total, the pizza contains six pounds of dough, seven pounds of cheese and four pounds of spinach were used to make the green color for the Jets.

This is not Carlucci’s first rodeo, either. It seems Joe, a New York native, is campaigning to bring Tebow down to Alabama to craft a few of his portrait pies together to benefit Tim’s favorite charity. It’s a good PR move, if nothing else. Maybe one day the Jets quarterback will end up in the kitchen creating portrait pies at Joe’s. We wouldn’t doubt it, and you could bet folks would cover it. Tebowmania knows no bounds.

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