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Alternate college uniform trend has officially gone off the rails

Who are these guys?


This one will be quick. I’ll spare the long list of offenders and how we got here. The message is simple. The alternate college uniform trend has officially gone off the rails.

I’ll admit it. I was into it at first. And I still understand the rationale. Heck, I’m a reformed licensed college apparel addict. New is fun. Different is desirable. Crazy equals conversation. Yes, yes, yes I get it. I’ll make a few exceptions. The helmets (and such) honoring the military. Maybe a particularly shiny Notre Dame dome piece with an enlarged shamrock.  All good.

But the rest of it has, for the most part, gone plain ole’ loco. Strange as it sounds, I’m not even referring to the Marylands of the world. They’ve actually gone so far off the reservation that you’ve now come to just associate that ridiculousness as what Maryland always looked like. Scary.

No, instead it’s the traditional schools continuing to mess with their helmets, jerseys and pants seemingly ever week. It hit me today in an example that wasn’t even that offensive. West Virginia and Oklahoma St. I turned it on and couldn’t identify who was playing. Someone who’s been a huge college football fan for decades, and I needed the little score box to tell me who was playing…two major D1 programs. In particular, it was the Cowboys helmets that threw me. It’s been the same deal when looking at something like the Sparty duds to the left. WTF. Is this an arena team? White. Green. When did gold come into the equation?

It needs to stop, people. A once-a-year small twist on the traditional? OK. But when traditional programs are scarcely recognizble from week to week, you know you’ve got a problem.

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