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And on the Week’s Third Day…Tebow Threw

Sometimes I really hate the media. They make stories out of nothing. And, occasionally, they do it so well that I find myself illogically gravitating to those ridiculous “news” items and following them with disproportionate interest. For example, Tim Tebow will throw a football tomorrow. Yes, the former Heisman trophy winning quarterback is scheduled to throw the pigskin he chucked around hundreds of times for thousands of yards in college. Stop. The. Presses.

Seriously, stop. Never have I recalled a Pro Day workout with as much hype. Is it ridiculous? Absolutely. Will it change anything about anything? In the grand scheme of things, not so much. Tebow’s draft stock? Perhaps. The most annoying part? As much as I want to completely ignore the story, I’m strangely intrigued.

Yes, it’s absurd that you can say “Tebow 2.0,” and I actually know you’re talking about a revamped throwing motion and can rattle off the cast of ex-coaches and professional football gurus and quarterbacking experts who have enveloped Tim in their blanket of drop back pro-style knowledge. Yes, I’m beyond curious. Why? Here goes…

1. As much as I can see why people can’t stand him, I like Tim Tebow.
2. I think I want to see him succeed (*I think*)
3. I really want to see how and if years of doing something one way can be changed over the course of weeks and thousands of reps
4. The kid’s a freak and the idea of seeing if he can play quarterback in the NFL is still strangely interesting (I have little doubt he could, and may, thrive at another position)
5. As much as the media has broken down his Senior Bowl performance, combines and Wonderlic, it’s fascinating to ponder the sheer tonnage of coverage that is going to come about on the account of his throwing a football tomorrow

There will be suckers everywhere heading online to discover if the legend of Tim Tebow has only grown following a miraculous passer transformation. I will be one of those suckers. Because tomorrow…Tim Tebow shall throw.

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  1. Anonymous

    March 17, 2010 at 10:39 am

    Tim Tebow is to nice a guy to make it in the nfl as a quarterback. He genuinly thinks people should not kill babies and got all sorts of negative press for it. This was the start of his downfall and drop in draft stock. I think if he's able to develope his alligator skin there is no stopping him, but for such a good person it's hard to grasp how not killing babies is so wrong.

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