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Anything Decent I Said About A-Rod…Yea, Forget It

About a week ago, I did something I never do. I complimented a Yankee. Even more ludicrous, I offered a tip of the hat to Alex Rodriguez, the most hated of the hated. I should have known better.

At the time, I was lauding A-Rod for offering what seemed to be a modicum of truth — and doing so quickly. In the context of that post, I admitted that maybe it was his PR folks that deserved the credit but, regardless, I gave A-Rod some recognition.

One of my good friends (and a more avid Yankees hater than I) vehemently called me out at the time. More specifically, here were the prescient words of the one and only Taco King:

Couldn’t disagree more. He had no choice but to admit it. He lied and sleazed his whole way thru that interview. He is so unlikeable. I award him no credit for admitting that he cheated after he got caught.

Now, it’s time to tip my cap again…to his highness. Taco King, you were right. A million times over.

I was at a business meeting today in CT and didn’t see the A-Rod press conference – or whatever the hell that was – until a few minutes ago. Bottom line initial reaction? WTF? Honestly…what was that? What a ridiculous mockery of an event. Not only was A-Rod’s rambling far-from-believable, it was, at numerous times, completely nonsensical.

As someone in the PR industry, I can’t imagine a more disastrous performance (and I use that word intentionally) than Rodriguez put on Tuesday afternoon. Is there is such a grade as an F-, because that was more than failing. Instead of slamming doors shut with confidence and honesty, he opened about 10 more up with evasiveness and incoherent babbling.

He continually referenced and fell back on his youth as an excuse for his actions (not that you could even decipher those actions from his absurd, meandering tale). Yet, all it did was make him seem even more childish – like a kid who’d stolen something from the local convenience store and was too embarrassed to tell the whole truth but too inept to come up with a believable story either.

In short, the media – traditional, digital and everything in between – is going to take this (and already has) and put the shredder on high power. Anyone with a forum to espouse now has a full metal jacket locked and loaded and will not be shy about firing. Throw away any band-aids some of us who were inclined to empathize may have been ready and willing to apply to the open wound.

You’re full of it, A-Rod. Congrats, today proved at least that to the world. Enjoy the aftermath. It should be long, painful and uncomfortable. Didn’t anyone ever tell you the truth can set you free?

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  1. Anonymous

    February 18, 2009 at 8:13 am

    We don’t care. The media needs to collectively get over yourselves and quit kicking this horse. It would be a miracle if someone actually wrote about something vaguely interesting. The only people who really care to this extent are the panties-in-a-bunch media.

  2. Anonymous

    February 18, 2009 at 1:46 pm

    yeah ur right “anonymous”, no one cares about the “best” player in MLB in the last umpteen years, the prodigal son that so many big leaguers had to be compared to and promptly fail to live up to but constantly hear about, the highest paid athelete, the pretty-boy attention grabbing egomaniac, and above it all else the intelligence insulting A-rod, merely days after he admitted to cheating for the bulk of his best years, and oh by the way did a bad job of admitting it AT.

    ur right, this is all the medias fault, just like everything else. Why can’t they just leave poor a-rod alone.

  3. todd hunter

    February 20, 2009 at 12:15 pm

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer toolbag, er, guy.

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