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Are Knowshon Moreno tears a sure bet during national anthem? Oh no you didn’t…

Tears of joy for Super Bowl Bettors?
Tears of joy for Super Bowl Bettors?

Tears of joy for Super Bowl Bettors?

Knowshon Moreno’s tears (technically tear ducts?) are famous. When you cry a river like the Denver Broncos running back did in front of a national TV audience, isn’t the cover of Sports Illustrated the next logical stop?

Truth be told. the story behind those tears is a good one. It’s about reflection. It’s about the calm before the storm. It’s about the power of the anthem, the moment and realizing where you’ve come from and the privilege of standing where you stand. That is all seriously good stuff (just read the story, if you haven’t).

We’re Knowshon fans and will be pulling for him on Sunday. His tears, though, are not forgotten. And maybe some fanswill be pulling harder to see those impressive droplets again. You see, in the spirit of the annual ridiculousness of Super Bowl prop bets, there’s this…


Yup. The prop comes courtesy of the creative minds at sports betting site Bravado. So, what do you think? Big stage. Global eyes on the sport’s biggest stage. Forget about Peyton’s legacy or Carroll’s crowning moment. The first drop of moisture could mean tears of joy — or despair — for bettors everywhere. Talk about drama…

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