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Arena football player fires up blunt and torches house on orders from higher power


Kevin Ellison may want to lay off the weed for awhile. Ellison is a former USC Trojan who bounced around a couple NFL teams before landing with the Spokane Shock of the Arena Football League. Why do you care? Well, Ellison caused a small fire in his apartment building in Washington yesterday? Still waiting for the punchline? OK, it started because Ellison said g-d told him to use his joint to light the place on fire.

Hey, marijuana can do some funny things. But, Kevin, you need to tell those voices in your head to shut up – particularly when they tell you to light your sheets on fire using a joint. In all seriousness though, it seems like the young man might have some bigger issues to tackle. Thankfully, nobody was hurt. Here’s to hoping Ellison can also get those pesky voices out of his head. This is your apartment. This is your apartment on weed.

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