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Athletes need to lose the “chip on their shoulders” already


Spare me, already. The proliferation of tired tropes and cheesy cliches that are so familiar to the sports world are spinning out of control. Writers and reporters are not solely to blame. The players and coaches need to find some more new things to say as well. My favorite (sarcasm) hotness of late? The proverbial “chip on the shoulder.”

Today it was Iman Shumpert. He’s pissed…or driven…or motivated. Whatever he is, he’s definitely “got a chip on [his] shoulder.” Scour the Interwebs from the past week of sports reporting alone, and you’ll find dozens and dozens of athletes — from boxers to gridder to hoopsters all waxing poetic on their own chip or that of their team. They’ve all been slighted. Taken for granted. Battling back for adversity no other man has ever faced. You know…all of those things that help build up that chip.

It is a persistent thing that chip on the shoulder. Frankly, I’m getting tired of it. Crap is going to make me start writing like I’ve got a bit of a chip on my shoulder, if you know what I mean.


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