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Atlanta Falcons Debut Amazing Sandwich

Via Atlanta Falcons

In the midst of all the athletes behaving badly on Twitter (and various other platforms of this digital age), I’d prefer to focus on something much more fun and impressive. Behold, the latest sandwich creation from the fine folks behind the Atlanta Falcons organization.

Via Atlanta Falcons

Via Atlanta Falcons

This monumental creation includes pulled pork, bacon, macaroni and cheese, coleslaw and onion rings all neatly (not) tucked inside a traditional-looking burger bun. It’s a sight to behold. Now, according to the folks at SB Nation this category-defining (?) offering will roll out during Falcons training camp — which makes perfect sense. It will sell for $5 which we deem to be quite the potential bargain. Some prospective calorie-counting is included at the link above. We choose to look at the positives. 80% of your daily protein in one tidy sandwich!

In all seriousness, we applaud the creativity. This country can unveil cronuts and egg sandwiches nestled between two glazed donuts, so why not throw some southern-style fixings in your favorite combination on top of some gummy white bread. I’m more down with this than some of the other recent introductions. I might skip the slaw or go for something a bit less “traditional.” Perhaps onion “straws” just for ease-of-use? Still. Good job. Good effort.

The real issue, though? This culinary creation remains currently nameless. A travishammockery if I’ve ever heard one. Luckily, the fine folks of the Interwebs are on the case. I expect something as creative as this here sandwich in little time. Until then, all my Atlanta friends…hit me up if you get the chance to dig into one of these bad boys…and your review.

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