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Keepin' Folly Funky spreads the love between the Buffalo Sabres, Colorado Rockies, Denver Nuggets and South Carolina Gamecocks. Used to root hard for the Buffalo Bills, but after accepting the fact he was a victim of Battered Fan Syndrome, he learned to let go. His time spent in sports broadcasting reinforced the realization he wanted nothing to do with sports broadcasting, so he figured he'd write a bit - after he was finished snowboarding in Colorado and touring the country playing funky jams. Now he's knee deep in the water where the boat leaves from...

Photo of Robert Refsnyder

Robert Refsnyder Comes Home To South Carolina, Of All Places.

It has been said, and written, time and time (and time) again that Twitter and athletes don’t mix so well. Sure, there are many  athletes that remain composed enough to keep their more controversial opinions to themselves.  But man are there a whole lot of athletes who just can’t seem to censor themselves.  And in […]

With Ochocinco, people throw rocks at things that shine

With Ochocinco, people throw rocks at things that shine

“All the world’s a stage” begins a monologue from William Shakespeare’s As You Like It. Whether or not Chad Ochocinco has read that or not (wouldn’t be surprised if he has), he embodies that sentiment. Life IS a play for the New England wide receiver, and he has his critics and detractors because of it. […]

Kayla Braud's great grab and double play

Kayla Braud’s great grab and double play

It’s not often you see highlights of college softball, unless it involves Jennie Finch or two players from the opposing team carrying an injured girl around the bases after she somehow hurt herself on her game winning home run trot. However, Alabama’s Kayla Braud may have had the Play of the Year against Mississipi State […]

Photo of Allen Field House

5 Reasons the Kansas Jayhawks Need to Win

So we’re set for Kentucky and Kansas for the National Championship. Kinda knew it would come down to this. Kentucky has been at the top all season, and Kansas is, well…Kansas. They seem to get there every couple years, regardless of who’s on the floor. Just in their blood.  Their last National Championship in 2008 […]

If at first you don’t succeed, try Tebowing.

You’ve flat out refused to do it.  You’re having none of it, no matter how funny, cute or “divine” it may be.  You would prefer to spend your entire day planking than be seen for five seconds on one knee, head bowed. Well, if you ain’t gettin’ what you think is yours, why not give […]

Why Bama belongs in the BCS Championship

Why Bama belongs in the BCS Championship

Seems everyone who follows college football has an opinion about tonight’s BCS National Championship rematch between #1 LSU and #2 Alabama.  Most of those opinions fall on the “this title game is a sham” side of the fence. “If LSU has already beaten Bama in the regular season, why should Bama get another chance?” How […]