Best and Worst Case Scenarios From The Cavs Blockbuster Deal

Please, can we see this Ben Wallace in C-Town?

I got overly excited yesterday when I heard about the Cavs’ blockbuster trade, and hastily posted this bit of rambling. I won’t try to explain the psyche of the Cleveland sports fan, but know this, trades excite us. C-Town has even rolled out a Welcome To Cleveland letter.

I’ve calmed down (a little bit) and decided to look at the best and worst case scenarios for the Cavs. Some people think this trade sucks it, and some people think it rocks. I think it’s a good thing, if for no other reason than to make LeBron happy. Please be happy LeBron, please!

Best Case Scenario: Ben Wallace — Big Ben approaches his productivity and intensity levels from his Pistons days. It’s foolish to think that Wallace will be able to be the force he was as a youngster, but it’s not too much of a stretch to think he’ll kick it up a notch (or 10 hopefully) from his Chicago days. Playing with LeBron invigorates the big man, and the Cavs interior D blossoms, while the Cavs continue to be a great rebounding team. My suggestion is that he plays with the huge fro’ more often. I love it when Ben lets his hair out.

Worst Case Scenario: Ben Wallace — Mike Brown leaves Wallace in to shoot free throws at crunch time. Please don’t let this happen, Coach Brown. Figure something else out. Also, there is the possibilty that Wallace’s motor is burnt out, incapable of revving past what he’s given the Bulls the past two years. I’m cautiously optimistic that this isn’t the case.

BCS: Wally Szczerbiak — I get over the fact that his name is hard as hell to spell, and he flourishes in his role as 3 point shooter extraordinaire. Why shouldn’t he? He’s spent some time as an Ohio legend when he led mid-major Miami, OH to the Sweet 16. Open looks created from none other than, Mr. LeBron James!! LeBron creates a ton of open shots for his teammates, that is a fact. He’s never had a teammate consistently knock down those shots. All you have to do is shoot Wally!

WCS: Wally Szczerbiak — The name spelling is just too much to overlook and like so many before him, he can’t knock down those open looks. And, the Cavs defense sucks when he’s on the court. This would be bad.

BCS: Delonte West – Delonte plays some good, gritty basketball, and helps the situation at point guard. I loved Delonte when he was at St. Joe’s. Who didn’t love the West and Jameer Nelson led, underdog Hawks who made Billy Packard eat his words all the way to the Elite 8 in 2004? I thought he was showing some potential with the Celtics before he went to the soulless bastards who are moving Seattle’s franchise to Oklahoma. Go forth and prosper Delonte. Plus, he could bring more of this. What’s not to love?

WCS: Delonte West — The Cavs hole at point guard grows deeper, and West just can’t hang in the NBA. I do not anticipate this happening. Also, it would be bad if Delonte failed to provide any more YouTube clips like this one, found by Rotoevil.

BCS: Joe Smith — Smith adds some scoring, some boards, and solid D. A solid veteran addition.

WCS: Joe Smith – Smith adds some scoring, some boards, and solid D. A solid veteran addition.

Chicago and Seattle: Chicago, good luck with Gooden and Hughes. Gooden is okay, but has huge mental lapses. Hughes was a MAJOR disappointment in Cleveland. It sucks, because he’s quality people, and I hope his career bounces back. Shannon Brown might have some talent, but it was never going to come out under Mike Brown. Seattle, I’m sorry that some asshole has decided to rip your franchise away from you. It sucks. It pisses me off to no end when this happens. I hope the responsible party is having cocktails in hell with Art Modell for eternity.
**Editor’s Note — I just saw this in ESPN’s Cavs/Wiz recap in the Game notes, “Wallace had his hair in tight cornrows, but promised to let his ‘do go. “You’re always going to see the ‘fro,” he said.” Good sign for the Cavs!! -E.S.

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About the Author: I am a Cleveland sports and Buffalo Sabres fanatic. I'm currently living in Erie, but even when I'm not there, Erie runs deep in me. I'm an ex multi-sport goalie, and we goalies tend to see things a bit differently. I went to college with Cecilio's Scribe and I am also a Big Red afficiando. Otherwise my college sports loyalties are all over the place. I try to keep my posts light, but I'm a Cleveland fan so the occassional rant is possible (inevitable?).

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Think of all the upheaval – including Billy and Kaniel racing to Cleveland to avoid a default/do-over/call-in-depleted game tonight.

    I hope everyone is happy, at least eventually.

  2. Erie's Scribe says:

    Yes there is a ton of upheaval, but hopefully the Cavs can come together in time for the playoffs. They’re actually hanging in against the Wizards right now, 78-78. Damon Jones has hit for 27!

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