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Best In-Game Dunk Performance in Recent Memory?

I had a wonderful time at a friend’s place on Saturday night. On my thirty-something social scale, dinner with good friends, great food and drink is tough to top. So, the wine and beer flowed, and I caught glimpses of the Knicks-Clips game in the background and later watched the rest from my couch at home. Ever have one of those moments where you’re watching stuff and you wonder if the booze is affecting you a little more than normal or if what you are witnessing is really THAT RIDICULOUS?

Well, I experienced that sensation not once or twice, but three times on Saturday night and into Sunday morning. If you’ve seen the highlights, you know what I’m talking about. Mercy me, Blake Griffin. Mine eyes were not deceiving me. The wonderful thing about the Interwebs? You knew it would only be a matter of days if not hours before the posterization videos surfaced. Luckily, this montage does a phenomenal job of simply showcasing the awesomeness with very little adornments to distract attention.

My question. Has their been a better in-game dunk performance by a player in recent memory? If so, please share. Not one dunk. Not two. But three jaw-dropping, rewind the DVR, you’ve got to be crapping me throwdowns. All from an inspiring, gifted, young…Clipper. Just ain’t right, on so many levels.

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