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Best sports highlight of weekend: Keystone Light assist to Steve Nash from fans

Duuuuude, Naaash!

Duuuude, Naaash!

Forget about action that took place on a field or a court this weekend. We’ve got the sports highlight of July here for you. It also happens to be the best assist you may see all season long.

I can’t say we’ve got background on this clip beyond the visual evidence, but you could not create this scene any better if you scripted and staged this one better than it it had been right from central casting (which it is).

Snyopsis: California dudes traveling down a freeway. They notice they’re riding along a car with Steve Nash, the newest member of the Los Angeles Lakers.

DUUUUDE!!! Steve Nash!!!!

Everyone together now: “NASH!!!!”

“Brah, we should totally beer him.”

“Yea, dude. Hook up Nash with a brewski. Naaaaasssh!!!”

“Slow down the car.”

“Speed up.”


And then it happens. From a moving vehicle. Out the window. From one righteous dude to another.  A perfect pass of one ice, cold Keystone Light.

Maybe it’s just a Sunday night, and I’m getting more easily entertained than usual. But this is phenomenal on so many levels. If I’m the marketing folks at Keystone Light, you can damn well bet I’m starting to put together story boards for my next commercial. I know one guy who would appreciate the smoooothness of that Keystone connection.

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