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Blogtrip: This Week in Sports

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Not only are we disappointed in our relative lack of production of late, but even our diligence in perusing the sports blogosphere has suffered. Without further delay, here’s what’s caught our attention on some of the flashpoint topics floating around out there in the sports universe.

This Brett Favre stuff has spiraled out of control. Even The Frozen Tundra blog over at MVN says it is so.

Can’t Stop the Bleeding has the headline that any fan of a team Marcus Camby has ever played for knows to be dead on.

Dan Shanoff provides his ESPY predictions. You know I’ve been missing out on sports when I was actually not aware this event was around the corner. When is it? Oh wait, that’s right. I don’t care.

This is a few weeks old, but I just stumbled upon it. Sometimes you read a headline, and the accompanying video is everything you envisioned it could be. Such was the case with this tasty teaser from Drunk Athlete (via Tasty Booze): “John Daly Tees Off Using a Tall Can of Beer While Kid Rock Watches.” Really, why play any games trying to make it sound cute? That’s what it is, and it’s strangely fabulous.

The Crimson Tide remain poised atop EDSBS’s Fulmer Cup standings.
Starbury. Head. Tattoo. Speechless. No worries for the Knicks, though.

Lion in Oil shares the wretched journey of a 2008 Tribe fan. I’m sure Erie’s Scribe can relate.

In a complete shock to us, a young, good-looking All-American-type MLB All-Star in New York City is having a hell of a hard time finding a cute chick with whom to hang around. Riiight.

Following all that Paul Pierce Inglewood-always-up-to-no good hullabaloo in this year’s playoffs, the NFL is now hiring special agents to check for gang signs. No, not kidding.

What else? Hmmm…a fella nicknamed “Rampage” went on one (shocking, yes)…fans are getting tired of the Josh Hamilton story, no matter how good an individual tale it is (I couldn’t agree more with LBS)…and, apparently, James Posey is (was) the most coveted free agent in NBA history…along with Cousins of Ron Mexico, we strenuously object.

Talk to ya all soon. We’ve go to go read up some more on Brett Favre and Josh Hamilton.

/counting down the hours ’til the return of baseball.

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