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Bronson’s Arroyo’s Pearl Jam ‘Alive’ Cover

Pete Rose. The Mayor, Sean Casey. Bronson Arroyo. ALL the Reds stars of every era!! Am I right? Am I right? OK, maybe it wasn’t exactly the all-time Reds hall of fame. Still, it was a decent gathering of Cincy Red Legs. Eddie and the gang were in town to rock the Queen City.

They did…so I’m told by trustworthy sources.

And, as you took a look at the participants in the Cincy Reds photo, it made you think.

Damn, Pete Rose has man-boobs.

And, oh, doesn’t Bronson Arroyo sing from time to time? In fact, he does. And, yes, he has done a PJ cover back in the day. It’s not totally horrible either. Hope he and Mr. Vedder enjoyed their time together. We’re all still aliiiiiive.

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