Brooklyn keeps on takin’ it: Nets add Joe Johnson

If it’s gone, no doubt, Brooklyn took it…

Make fun of their logo. Mock their forced hip-hoppety-ness. Doubt their psuedo-swagger. But the Nets are making noise again. Whether that volume ends up creating a colossal boom that reverberates through the borough and the League — or simply a raucous racket that grates on the ears — is still very much to be determined.

Right now, the NBA’s “newest” franchise is doing more than just selling a ton of merchandise. They’re spending plenty of their own cash too. A day after signing Gerald Wallace to a four year $40 million deal, New Jersey was reportedly at it again on Monday. Their latest target? High-priced Atlanta swingman Joe Johnson via a blockbuster (or just big) trade.

News of the deal hits at a convenient time for the Nets as they are set to meet and put their assumed final full-court press on Deron Williams to stay with the franchise. Williams has already played host to the wooing Mavericks, the other team in the high-profile two-horse race for the point guard’s services.

The Nets sent a boatload of players packing to make room for Johnson including: Jordan Farmar, DeShawn Stevenson, Johan Petro and Anthony Morrow. That said, there are still a few very nice (and underrated) pieces still on that roster. Now, the questions turn to Williams…and that other guy still technically the property of the Orlando Magic. The one who’s proclaimed there’s only “one team on his list.”

Are the Nets poised to go from NBA afterthought to the hottest new super-team in the NBA? Don’t count ‘em out.

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