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Bruins hockey returns to Boston, bringing powerful moments

Saluting Boston

Saluting Boston

I’m a huge sports fan, so I guess it’s not surprising that when tragedies are placed in the context of sporting events the emotion seems to hit hard. Case in point, last night’s Bruins-Sabres games.

It’s often said that in the wake of inexplicably cruel events, the best is brought out in us. That coming together and experiencing and sharing some of the joys of “normal” life can help in the healing process. I’d like to think that’s the case. And, as a passive observer, it seemed that one probably couldn’t help but  agree if they were sitting in the seats at TD Bank Garden in Boston last night.

The Bruins and the ice also felt like the most appropriate place to showcase the best of Boston’s spirit and the emotion of the week’s events. Nothing against the Sawx or the C’s, but something about the game of hockey, the DNA of the sport, the fans, its place in New England, I don’t know…

Anyway, a few moments from last night. If chills are your thing, take a few to watch this. Sometimes getting back at things, even with a simple drop of the puck, can be a worthy step.

Boston Tribute Video Opens the Night, Bruins Faithful Sing National Anthem in Unison

Bruins and Sabres Salute Boston and Their Fans at Center Ice

Good stuff all around. Classy on Sabres part as well.

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