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Bungles and prison just can’t seem to keep away from one another


Welcome to the Bengals...maybe later

I’ll spare all the cheap Bungles jailbird jokes and gibberish. Cincinnati had a remarkable run through 2007-08 that clearly illustrated their penchant for bringing on players to the roster with less-than-sterling pasts. No matter how you slice the “giving guys a chance argument,” it went to some fairly preposterous levels during a 14-month stretch that saw 10 Bengal players arrested in separate incidents.

It’s taken some years to distance themselves from that image (despite some signings like Tank Johnson and Cedric Benson). My point? If there is one team that doesn’t need to provide the press, public and/or pundits an excused to question their organizational integrity, it’s likely the Bengals. Sure, everyone’s looking for a diamond in the rough. Yes, guys screw up and then figure life out. And, yes, economics are a reality. But do you really need to draft a free agent who is due to be sentence for burglary and drug possession? If you know that, why sign?

I’m still trying to wrap my arms around this one with the news that Bengals rookie free agent Brandon Joiner was sentenced three years for a 2007 incident at Texas A&M where he and an accomplice robbed a drug dealer at gunpoint after binding him with duct tape and took off with money, cell phones and weed. Apparently, the defense had already worked out a plea back in January where Joiner could finish school at Arkansas State and graduate before sentencing.

So, here we now are. News is that Joiner could be released is six to nine months and that Cincinnati had been impressed with his clean record and community service since 2007 but word is that it was doubtful Joiner will/would make the team regardless. Again, I don’t get the risk/reward when you’re the Bengals.

P.S. Yes, I know the Jets had a somewhat similar situation with Kenrick Ellis. But, really, it wasn’t….if you read up.

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  1. Adam

    May 25, 2012 at 3:41 pm

    Pathetic article. Telling others to read up, you should read up. Bengals have had just a few incidents recently while other teams have had many more and yet they STILL get tabbed like this.

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