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Can Someone Explain to Me When Baseball Bloopers are Funny?

Let me start by saying my mood is poor right now. Late night. Botched dinner. Hungry and cranky. It’s bad without even factoring in this crap. So, if what comes next seems unnecessarily acerbic, such may be the case. So, what’s got me all riled up tonight, you may ask? Baseball bloopers.

Yup. That’s right. The time-honored stadium tradition for gosh-knows-how-many decades thoroughly disgusts me. I’m sick of it, and I need to talk about it. You’re my audience for random-as-hell sports rants, so be a polite receiver and listen.

Here’s my issue. There are tons of options for in-game entertainment. Music videos. Highlight montages. Sausage races. Even the g-dforsaken kiss cam. And yet, there they are time-after-time. At every game, on comes the between-inning two-minute “bloopers reel” showing HILARIOUS things like people dropping pop-ups, running into railings or (LMFAO!) a ball dropping in-between two players. Oh, it’s the kind of laughter that hurts deep down in the belly.

Seriously, I don’t remember bloopers ever soliciting a laugh out of me. Like ever. And this isn’t meant to be some holier-than-thou I’m-too-good-for-good-ole-fashioned-stadium-entertainment posts. I know there are people out there who really do dig the wave. And although I strenously object, there is a part of me that reconcile what goes on in people’s brains that makes such an action seem somewhat approachable.

The soapbox stand on bloopers is is just as much a cry for explanation as a critique. Why are these funny? What’s the humorous aspect? Please, someone tell me? I got to dozens of games each year, and I am consistently baffled to hear middle-aged adults hamming it up in response to bloopers — not to mention it’s typically the same reel that’s been recycled from the mid-90s. Next time, maybe I’ll just ask them. “Sir, what’s so funny exactly?”

Some giggles from the kids? That I get…kind of. But if somebody can break down for me the appeal of baseball bloopers to seemingly more than half of the sports-viewing population, I would be forever indebted. I appreciate your illumination on this issue. Now, if you’ll excuse me there are some clips of an outfielder slipping that I just must catch. Tootles.

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  1. skins fan

    July 9, 2009 at 10:15 pm

    Bloopers. Not funny per se, but amusing in the following way. For a lifelong Mets fan I can imagine, that at times, you have felt as though the Metropolitans are not only over rated and overpaid but fail to give the requisite effort. As a casual Nats fan, I can tell you that I have been at the stadium when I think, “my mother would have snagged that infield fly”, or “even I know to back off when the center fielder calls it”. Imagine a typical blue-collar baseball fan. One that lives and breathes baseball, whose identity is connected with the success of their baseball team and their millionaire players. Imagine being constantly let down. Imagine drawing a small bit of gratitude (even if just between innings) from watching those from whom you derive so much anxiety embarrass themselves.

    Or, just have a couple of beers and watch adult men fall down. Always rousts a chuckle or two.

    After all this time, I still enjoy watching Gus Frerotte slam his head into those "padded" walls. A millionaire being an ass… classic.

    just some thoughts

  2. Sports Tsar

    July 10, 2009 at 1:25 am

    Bloopers in general are as All-American as baseball itself. Put the two together, and magic happens.

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