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Canadiens Pre-Game Video Sets the Ice on FIRE


It’s hockey playoffs time, people. It gets no better. And it gets no bigger. ESPECIALLY in Montreal. The most storied franchise in hockey with absolutely rabid fans. When passion is at a fever pitch, how do you manage to continually crank it up even more? Your in-game producers at the Bell Centre for game three of the Habs opening round playoff series with the Tampa Bay Lightning had a few ideas.

Check out this ridiculous pregame display that preceded Sunday night’s game (Montreal is now up 3-0, surely in part due to these visual gymnastics that will blow your mind). If you’re into 3D projection, beware, you will be at least slightly aroused.

Powerful nods to Cup history? Check.

Projecting of the ice ON the ice? Check.

Floor openings and other nutty virtual Transformers-style sh*T? Damn straight.


What’s that? You want to set the ice on fire? Counter-intuitive? IT DOES NOT MATTER. We are visual magicians. We don’t need no water, let the muthaf-er BURN.

Welcome to hockey night in Canada.

Well played Habs video producers. Well. Friggin’. Played.


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