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Time to say no to public pooping, mkkayyy?

Time to say no to public pooping, mkkayyy?

Welcome to a new feature on LCG entitled “WTF.” In today’s edition, we say WTF to the child (notice I don’t say BABY) dropping a deuce in the middle of my neighborhood playground this past Sunday. Moreso, a special WTF to his parents. OK, so I like to make it a habit of NOT being […]

ESPN Breaks Down Chestnut's Hot Dog Stomach

ESPN Breaks Down Chestnut’s Hot Dog Stomach

Over the fourth of July holiday, Joey Chestnut continued to build on his legacy and perhaps solidify himself as the greatest competitive eater of all-time. The latest feather in his cap was another Nathan’s hot dog eating contest crown, this time taking down 69 dogs in 10 minutes. It’s a truly incredible and frightening figure […]

Congratulations USMNT, You’ve Got Me to Care About Soccer for a Minute

Well, thanks a whole lot Internet. Because of all your fancy smart phones and instantaneous ability to live record jubilant celebrations, you’ve now managed to make me care about US soccer and the World Cup. I mean, at least you did. For those four minutes… Go ‘murica.

Athletes need to lose the "chip on their shoulders" already

Athletes need to lose the “chip on their shoulders” already

Spare me, already. The proliferation of tired tropes and cheesy cliches that are so familiar to the sports world are spinning out of control. Writers and reporters are not solely to blame. The players and coaches need to find some more new things to say as well. My favorite (sarcasm) hotness of late? The proverbial […]

Best of the draft: Caliendo's Kiper impression is instant classic

Best of the draft: Caliendo’s Kiper impression is instant classic

I can’t tell you much about Frank Caliendo as a comedian. I saw his skit show once. It was pretty unwatchable. That said, the man has quite a knack for impressions. And we’ve seen him rock some classics from the sports world and noted those dead-on acts previously. In particular, he does a tremendous job […]

Rick Pitino fears no man or thing...except streamers

Rick Pitino fears no man or thing…except streamers

Rick Pitino steered his Louisville Cardinals to a national championship. There were plenty of hurdles along the way, all of which he attacked with signature fearlessness, navigating every roadblock with signature aplomb. It wasn’t until the final horn had blown that Pitino finally showed trepidation. OK, more like he momentarily sh*t his pants in pure […]

Long road back...

Long road back…

It’s been a long road back, my friends. Yes, the Legend has been silent. Zero posts in nearly two weeks. Could be our longest drought ever. Unacceptable. It will be resolved. Just give us some time. We’ll be working our way back to you…babes. The Mets are in the rearview. Sunday begins a season anew […]

Behind-the-scenes with Pistons cheerleading hopefuls

Behind-the-scenes with Pistons cheerleading hopefuls

Ever wanted to FEEL what it’s like to audition for an NBA cheerleading position? Me neither. But some folks might. In that spirit, check out this “behind-the-scenes” footage of recent tryouts for the Detroit Pistons Dancers cheerleading squad. Remember for all your aspiring Pistons gals. We’re looking for three things: 1. Physically fit 2. Personality […]

Online gambling site refunds Pacquiao wagers

Online gambling site refunds Pacquiao wagers

Timothy Bradley won a split decision Saturday night against Manny Pacquiao. I didn’t watch the fight, but only caught the highlights and replays. That said, you don’t have to be a boxing aficionado to realize that this outcome smells like sh*t. The result has been universally scoffed at by pundits, promoters and pretty much everyone […]

Stony Brook advances to College World Series

Stony Brook advances to College World Series

The youngsters from Stony Brook are heading to Omaha. The Seawolves maintained their promise to “shock the world” and beat LSU 7-2 this weekend to punch their ticket to the College World Series. It’s the first time a team from New York State has made it to college baseball’s final stage. Go Seawolves. Somehow, there […]

Pacquiao and Mayweather meet in (animated) bout

It’s the fight everyone’s been waiting for…but may never see come to physical life. Pacquiao. Mayweather. Floyd won’t even see Manny’s weekend fight against Timothy Bradley in jail. All so sad. Fortunately, some industrious and talented men in the Philippineshave made sure we get to see the two men face off — at least in […]

Caroline Wozniacki launches underwear line

Caroline Wozniacki launches underwear line

                Yes, this is you. In your drawers. Guess that’s the message from women’s tennis star Caroline Wozniacki. This is me. This could be you. Sort of. “The Caroline Wozniacki Underwear collection is made in collaboration with the Danish underwear brand JBS and includes both a cotton/lycra and […]