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Celebrate the Return of Revis…with One of These Fine T’s

Football is in the air, people. If you are like me, a mildly maniacal fan of the green slime, it’s time to gear up for the season. So, while the replica jersey is still completely acceptable, why not consider sporting a new T to complement your Gang Green wardrobe. Celebrate the return of Revis with one of these snazzy shirts created by LCG. You’ll be representing 2-4, the Jets and helping support our continued blogging efforts. We’re trying to make a few capital improvements around these parts in the coming weeks/month. I mean, really, it’s a win, win, win.

So, go out and share broadly. Ah yes, and let’s go JETS.

Shop the store here. Browse our models below.

The Original: Our basic white. Casual. Classic.


The Ringer: For the slightly more adventurous or simply frat-tastic.


The “Away” Version: This green beaut is the tuxedo t-shirt of the Revis Covers All Land collection. It’s formal, but says you still want to party.


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  1. Anonymous

    September 11, 2010 at 1:22 pm

    Green would actually be the home version

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