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Celebrating a Year in Sports Blogville

Today marks one year. A year ago today I decided to give this whole blogging thing a whirl. Sh*t, I liked sports. I thought I had stuff to say. I maybe could write kinda good sometimes. So, The Legend of Cecilio Guante was born on July 5, 2007, pitifully unmarketable URL and all. That first month last summer we racked up a whopping 443 visits, of which I was personally responsible for approximately 400 (give or take).

Twelve months (and 405 posts) later we’re pushing the 435,000 mark and can no longer identify every daily visitor as a friend or family member. Along the way, I’ve managed to rope in a part-time partner in one Erie’s Scribe who should again be making his presence felt in the coming weeks.

To those who’ve been with us from the start, many thanks. We also realize that much of our traffic still derives courtesy of inbound links. While there are the occasional windfalls from ESPN, Hot Clicks and the like, we especially appreciate folks like 100% Injury Rate, Chris Mottram at The Sporting Blog, Deadspin, Busted Coverage, Epic Carnival and Sports by Brooks who have all tossed more than a link or two in our direction over the past year.

OK, enough of that sappy crap. Much more interesting is looking back at what’s gone down in the sports world since July 5th, 2007. It’s pretty amazing when you think about it. Our list of 25 things that have changed (or not) in the 365 days since we first started yapping at The Legend. In absolutely no order of any logic or significance…

25. Kool-Aid, Pacman and Beast Mode Become Household Names (although Pacman’s pledge to go Adam has left us speechless like many others most notably because we’ve had to change our “Pacman and strippers” Google alert)

24. Isiah, Joe and Willie unceremoniously exit New York. We will miss Zeke immensely if for no other reason than we had something to talk about during basketball season. Can a coffee-fetcher still make headlines?

23. Some guy named Mitchell came out with a report

22. Rocket crashes to Earth. A mere twelve months ago, Roger Clemens was arguably the greatest pitcher of my era. He was bound for Cooperstown and, although hated by many (myself included), widely respected for his on-field accomplishments. Fast-forward to today and Clemens is still considered a first-rate a-hole, along with a few other less-than-favorable associations (roidhead and adulterer). Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

21. The words “Vick” and “dogs” come to have meaning

20. The most hallowed record in sports falls (sort of). At the time, I was surprised that I actually did feel like it was “a moment.”

19. A perfect season crumbles at the hands of a Manning (not named Peyton)

18. Hoosierland becomes further tainted, meanwhile, The General stands down (for now)

17. A redemption story for the ages progresses toward and All-Star appearance

16. A storied franchise goes from chumps to champs in historic fashion

15. Soccer delivers a star to the States (and, still, no one cares)

14. Brett Favre retires and unretires…retires and unretires…oh, give us a break already

13. A rock, chalk ridiculous NCAA championship

12. Bissinger takes on blogs, a battle ensues

11. Brady Quinn endures embarrassment, while millions watch and become uncomfortable

10. A one-legged Little Leaguer makes us remember how “playing with heart” (as it is usually used) is rather trite in comparison

9. App St. happened, as did a whole bunch of other ridiculous stuff during a pretty memorable regular season of college football

8. The Mets deliver the gift of a collapse for the ages to their tortured fans

7. Bizzaro bugs in Cleve-land

6. Bobby Petrino does it again

5. Stephen A. Smith launches a blog, hilarity and vitriol follow

4. One of football’s great innovators dies

3. Bill Bill-i-check cheats, Eric Cartman explains

2. Don Imus inserts foot in mouth. And then it’s deja vu all over again

1. Another Walsh creates an incredible stir over, uh, nothing

In retrospect, it’s been a pretty damn intriguing year in sports. We’ve feel lucky to have had this small corner of the Interwebs from which to comment on it all. Thanks for making it fun.

– The Management

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    July 7, 2008 at 5:09 pm

    Congrats – keep up the good work.

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