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Classic 80s/90s Sports Posters, Vol. V: Let’s Go Buff-a-lo ("Machine Gun Kelly," "Thurminator" and "The Bill Collector")

It’s Friday. Which means one thing here at The Legend. Classic sports posters. Today, we hang in the 90s with the Buffalo Bills. They were really good at the beginning of that decade. Remember? Before Rob Johnson and Flutie and Losman and crew? Probably had something to do with three Hall of Famers named Kelly, Thomas and Smith.

And, if you were a pro football star in the 90s, you definitely had at least one classically-cheesy poster created in your honor. These Bills studs were no different. The following from our readers.

Attached is a classic 90’s Buffalo Bills poster that is still hanging in my childhood bedroom. Not sure if Erie’s Scribe has any love for the Bills but they produced some excellent posters in the early 90’s, including “Machine Gun Kelly” and “The Thurminator.”

MB in Buffalo



Yes, both classics, MB. Well played, sir.

And lest we not forget The Bill Collector (also via a tip from MB).


Bruce Smith used to bad things, man. Bad things…

Click below to view prior editions of the Classic 80s-90s Sports Poster Series. We’ll be back next Friday with another installment. As always, keep the entries coming to Give us your name, along with a brief write-up about the image and any blog/site you’d like us to plug (and keep it relatively clean, y’all).

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  1. MB in Buffalo

    February 1, 2008 at 10:11 am

    Sadly, this ranks as one of my top 10 Bills’ fan moments. Ironic that the Bills are receiving such an honor right before the Super Bowl.

  2. Erie's Scribe

    February 3, 2008 at 3:58 am

    MB, I do have a little love for the Bills. They share the Lake, how can’t I like them? I’ve stood in the Rich Stadium parking lot chugging cold beers on an even colder December Day.

    I’m a much bigger Sabres fan, but that Machine Gun Kelly poster is an absolute classic.

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