Classic Sharpshooters

Davidson’s Stephen Curry has amazed us through the first two rounds of the tourney. The dude opened it up by dropping 40 on Gonzaga, 30 of which came in the 2nd half while Davidson battled back from 11 down. Two days later, Curry was again a crunch time monster, scoring 25 of his 30 points in the 2nd half to lead the Wildcats 17 point comeback over #2 seed Georgetown (a Georgetown team that was 6th in the nation in scoring defense). This guy has been sick. And sweet sassy molassy, the man can shoot.

Thank you Mr. Curry, for reminding us about the joy of watching a 3 point shooter extraordinaire. We love dunks, battling for rebounds, slashing to the basket, and seeing eye passes, but we crave excellent three point shooting. Why settle for two points when you get three? Stephen, you got us to thinking about players like Thunder Dan Majerle, Trent Tucker, Mark Price, Todd Day, Chris Mullin, and Robert Horry. Guys that could drop bombs from way downtown. That makes us think of our some of our favorite ballers. The deadly, 3 Point Specialists. Here’s a list of our favorites.

Craig Hodges, Chicago Bulls: When you say three point specialist, I say Craig Hodges. Hodges spread the floor for Jordan during two of the Bulls championship runs in the early nineties. He won the NBA 3 point shootout three straight years from 1990-92. He was such a fixture at the 3 point shootout that he was allowed to compete in 1993 even though he didn’t play one minute of NBA basketball that year (he lost in the semis).

Steve Kerr, Chicago Bulls: I love Steve Kerr. He’s 2nd in NBA career 3 point shooting precentage at 45.4%, behind only Jason Kapono (of course Kerr has 440 more 3’s than Kapono). His 52.4% from behind the arc in 1994-95 is a NBA single season record. He took the torch from Hodges as MJ’s clutch 3 point gunner and won 3 titles with the Bulls. He won 2 more titles in a more limited role with the Spurs. He’s also got a NBA 3 point shootout championship under his belt. Most of all, though, Kerr was clutch.

Curtis Staples, UVA: I don’t know why, but it seemed like every time I turned on ESPN to catch a random college hoops game in the mid 90’s, UVA was on and Curtis Staples was on fire. Staples held the NCAA record for threes with 413 until J.J. Redick broke it in 2006. Staples hit 103 treys as a freshman on Virginia’s Elite Eight team. The Cavaliers cooled off after that run, but Curtis kept draining shots. I thought he was the best player ever for awhile.

Dennis Scott, Georgia Tech: Scott made some noise with the Magic in the NBA, but we remember him from his “Leathal Weapon 3″ days at Tech. Scott, Kenny Anderson, and the other guy (Brian Oliver) took Georgia Tech to the Final Four in 1990. Scott averaged 27.7 points per game that year and made 137 three pointers. He made it rain before it was even cool to make it rain.

Larry Bird, Boston Celtics: Bird was no mere 3 point specialist. He’s too much of an all around player for my liking to appear with these guys, but who doesn’t think of Larry Joe Bird when they think of 3 point snipers? Bird led the NBA in 3 pointers twice, and won the first three NBA 3 point shootouts. The legendary quote from the locker room at the inaugural 3 point shootout pretty much says it all, “I’m just looking around to see who’s gonna finish up second.”

Reggie Miller, Indiana Pacers: Before Isiah was tormenting poor Knicks fans, it was Reggie. This YouTube clip, Reggie The Knick Killer, sums up his body of work. Reggie was the king of running all over the place in the half court set, and looking to catch and shoot. I love that goofy bastard.
Trajan Langdon, Duke: J.J. Redick might have made more 3 point shots at Duke, but he did not have a nickname anywhere near as cool as the “Alaskan Assassin.” Not to mention, for his Duke career, Langdon shot 42.6% from deep for the Dukies while Redick only shot 40.6%.

Gerry McNamara, Syracuse: Anybody that can get Jim Boeheim to swear at the media is alright in our book. His career 3 point percentage isn’t as high as everyone else on this list, but he won a Championship with Melo, and he made his critics eat a little crow when he willed Syracuse to a Big East Tournament championship run his senior year.

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