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Cleveland Indians players shaved heads in support of teammate’s daughter

It’s good to post good stuff. For all the crap stories in sports, it’s refreshing to see guys do the right thing. Case in point: the Cleveland Indians.

The Tribe is shaving their heads…at least most of them. Tune in this week, and you’ll see a large number of buzzed or bald domepieces in the Indians’ dugout. They’re doing it for a teammate. Or, to be more specific, a teammate and his daughter.

Mike Aviles is a utility man who’d been doing a better-than-solid job with the Tribe through the first few months of the 2015 campaign. He was unexpectedly (and somewhat mysteriously at the time) placed on the Family Medical Emergency list prior to a May 8th game.

It more recently came to light that the reason is that Aviles’ four-year old daughter Adriana has been diagnosed with Leukemia. Aviles recently returned and has been all-but-mum (understandably) on his personal family issue, as his daughter preps for chemotherapy.

In the subsequent days more and more of his teammates have sheared their locks in a show of support and solidarity.




Good on the Tribe. Best wishes to Adriana for a speedy recovery.

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