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Cornell wins Ivy League baseball title to secure NCAA bid in walkoff fashion

Walkoff winner (Photo: Patrick Shanahan)

Walkoff winner (Photo: Patrick Shanahan)

I’ll be honest. Never thought I’d write something about Cornell Baseball in these here parts. My alma mater has always been known more for their laxers and icemen. Maybe women’s polo (really). Baseball? Not so much. For context, the Big Red baseball squad compiled a 60-99-1 mark during my time in Ithaca. They weren’t much better before or since. In fact, about double the losses as wins has seemingly been par for the course over many, many decades.

Well, a few things have apparently changed.  Their shortstop when I was an undergrad? He’s now the forth-year manager (yes, that makes me feel old). The Big Red also boasted a 31-15-1 mark during the 2012 campaign. The result? A league title for the first time in 20 years. And while an Ivy League Championship over Dartmouth may not do it for you, how about a walkoff win? In extra innings? To secure an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament for only the second time in program history? Not too shabby.

Go Big Red!

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  1. Erie's Scribe

    May 11, 2012 at 1:00 pm

    Heck ya Big Red! I actually went to a Cornell baseball game during our time there. The 60-99-1 record actually makes the squad look better than it was. The game I attended was an error-fest that left me thinking my high school team could handle the Big Red without breaking a sweat.Glad to see they’ve turned it around

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