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Correction: Celts-Heat game four OT thriller actually ended in tie


The Heat and Celtics played a thriller last night in game  four in Boston. After building a big lead, the C’s managed to hold on to win 93-91 following an extra session and knot the Eastern Conference Finals a two games apiece. Unfortunately, news anchor Megan Torjussen had the sports segment of the late night shift last evening and may have gotten a slightly different message about the game’s outcome from that voice in her ear. Or, perhaps, she is just not quite familiar with the rules of basketball.

Whatever the reason, Megan declared that the game ended in an 89-89 tie. Now, that would have been quite the bummer. This morning she may be a little bummed out by the attention her slip-up has garnered across the Interwebs. Poor gal. Wonder what she had to say about Sox-Jays?

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