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Cowboys fan uses guns and explosives to destroy Tony Romo jersey


Let’s just close the voting on “favorite video of January” right now. This gem really speaks on its own, so we’ll keep the description and lead-in straight factual. Any personal time you need to reconcile it all, well, that’s on you.

The following is a video posted to YouTube by an apparent Dallas Cowboys fan. In it, a Tony Romo jersey is affixed to what appears to be a washing machine. The scene takes place in a relatively barren stretch of land somewhere in Texas. The washing machine has reportedly been filled with some type of explosives. One individual in the video proceeds to shoot bullets from a gun at said washing machine. Eventually, the video reveals that one of the fired shots has struck the washing machine causing the explosives within it to detonate and obliterate the attached Romo jersey. The dialogue in the :49 clip is A-mazing (OK, that part was editorial).


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