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Crabtree Dreamed It…In His Head

The interview of the weekend has to go to Michael Crabtree following Texas Tech’s last-second win over the ‘Horns in Lubbock on Saturday night.

Why is it so hilarious? Sometimes greatness is intangible. If you explained Marshawn Lynch’s epic “beast mode” interview to someone for the first time, they probably just wouldn’t get it. But, if you were to watch it live (as I did), you knew it was pure comic genius the very instant his gold-encrusted grill flashed and the words began to flow. Unintentional comedy at its absolute pinnacle.

Crabtree’s post-game interview was very similar. When asked to describe his game-winning touchdown, Michael talked about how he dreamed it — in his head. Just watch and listen. Gotta love the eyes, too. On a side note, Graham couldn’t stop taking about his boy Crab through the whole evening.

You know a quote is memorable when you can easily envision integrating it into your regular dialog, at home, work or with friends.

“How did you think of that, dude?”

“You wouldn’t believe it, but, I, like dreamed it, in my head…”

Update: Since YouTube has been pulling down video, here’s a quick screen grab from the folks at somethingawful forums just in case.


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  1. alan

    January 19, 2009 at 2:59 am

    The best moment of my college football watching career. The best game I have ever witnessed. I was in the stands. The ball was in the air. I could tell he caught it. From my vantage point, I couldn’t tell if he was in bounds. When it was official, it was pure mayhem. A proud day for the Red Raider nation indeed. Harrell to Crabtree against #1 UT. Unreal.

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