Cryin’ Shame: Rodriguez Another in Long Line of Sports Tear Shedders

He Won’t be the First or the Last

Rich Rodriguez shed a tear in a press conference earlier today. Surely it’s not the first time an athlete or coach has fought back a few tears — or unabashedly let them flow down their cheeks like rain. We need to get over our collective fear of embracing our inner emotions and not being afraid to show them. Seriously, sobbing a bit doesn’t make you any less than a man. OK, maybe in some cases it does. These would be a few such examples. But have some sympathy, people…or chastise them unrelentingly. I couldn’t care less.

8. Rodriguez Cries Foul:

7. Ronaldo is a Soccer Player. His Sobbing, Therefore, Is Not Surprising at All:

6. Personally, I Prefer “Playoffs?” Do NOT Rip on Our Boy Mora!

5. Ah, So that’s Why They Call Him “Big Baby”
P.S. Garnett has Become a Real Punk-A** in His Own Right (used to like him):

4. You-Know-Who Weeps After Retiring…10x Ago. This Really Makes You Want to Punch Him in the Face, Now

3. Crazy Crying, Courtesy of Starbury. This IS Actually Sad:

2. Legendary Tears from T.O. for His Teammate…His Quarterback:

1. Our All-Time Favorite Weeper (plus, Gus Johnson? Does it Get Any Better???)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m not a UofM guy and I don’t really like Rich Rod, but this story is complete crap. Every DI-A/DI-AA (excuse me, Football Bowl Subdivision/Division I Football Championship Subdivision) team does the exact same thing. Shame on the Detroit Free Press for running with this story. The story is based on interviews with several ex-players (and parents) that were upset with the regime change and a few unsuspecting freshmen that honestly believed they were discussing their hard work and commitment. This is a perfect example of what newspapers will do these days to sell papers.

    That said, it’s going to be interesting to watch the fallout from the NCAA investigation. Basically, the NCAA has three options, (i) slap UofM on the wrist and tell it not to do it again, (ii) go after everyone or (iii) change the rules.

  2. Cecilio's Scribe says:

    agreed, anon

  3. Avenger-in-Chief says:

    After choking that bad against UCLA, EVERY player on Gonzaga should have been balling like Morrison.

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