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Crying youngster captures essence of Chicago Cubs fandom


The Chicago Cubs haven’t won a championship in 105 years. During that century-plus, the Cubbies have not only lost. They’ve made a habit of finding new and creative ways to torture their fans.

Sadly, Wednesday’s tilt at Wrigley against the Diamondbacks was simply another sterling example of the Cubs being the Cubs. And I’m not picking on them. Hell, I’m a Mets fan. What IS funny though was the reaction of a young Chicago fan who was captured on camera a few times during his team’s ninth-inning meltdown. The Cubs entered the top half of the frame up 5-2. Eventually, that lead would slip away. When all was said and done, the D- Backs would push five runs across on their way to a 7-5 win.

What does that look like to a young devotee of this team?

Hope. Dread. Realization. Agony.

Rinse, repeat.

“Get used to it, kid.”


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