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Daniel Murphy is the no home run king

Doubles power

Doubles power

I’ve largely abstained from writing about the Mets this season. As I shared back in April, my expectations were to be (and have been) extremely tempered with this squad. They’ve been a beyond pleasant surprise to date. Sure, the Yankees series was a swift kick to the nads, but such is to be expected. What could be called unexpected, and fairly sad, is the power shortage of one Daniel Murphy. It’s actually staggeringly pathetic. You see Murph is now without peer in Major League Baseball. He holds the dubious distinction of being the only player in the bigs with at least 250 plate appearances and no home runs. Zero. Zip. Nada. A giant bagel.

Now, we are under no illusions. Any fleeting hopes of Murph being the next Don Mattingly quickly vanished over time. Still, the Daniel Murphy of 2009 seemed to be a promise of what could be to come – at least at the plate. During that campaign, Murph-man played in 155 games and smacked 12 home runs to go with 38 doubles and 63 ribbies. Last year, the dinger total dropped to six. In 2012, in a more homer-friendly Citi Field, Daniel Murphy has yet to activate the apple. Six National League pitchers, including teammate Jeremy Hafner, have gone deep before him. It’s getting embarrassing.

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