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Dems Been Good to Me Edition Links

I don’t do as much linking here as I once did. Primarily, it’s due to lack of time. Yet, many kind folk in the blogosphere continually show this little blogger some love time and again. We live vicariously off their ample traffic. For this, I cannot thank them enough. So, today a tip-of-the-hat rundown of high-quality links from some “friends of the Legend.” Go read their stuff early and often.

From Punte at With Leather…Starbury may be fit for a straight jacket, but he still can stroke it from long range – we’re talking halfway across China deep. Check out the video evidence.

No Guts No Glory breaks down the shambles that lay where brackets once stood. Can you say zero for 4.8 million?

Rumors and Rants delves a bit deeper into Jeremy Tyler’s failed stint in Israel…why it was destined to happen…and, although he doesn’t say it, a bit of the evil underbelly exists in a a certain strata of the AAU world.

Sharapova’s Thigh is keeping its eye on the seemingly unlikely Klitshko/Panettiere combo and has uncovered what is scientifically referred to as an awful fake tan.

YepYep kids makes me question whether I’ll ever pitch in my (hypothetical) kid’s Little League. Tee ball sounds nice. This…not so much.

There’s plenty sexier from the folks at Busted Coverage, but we’re keeping it PG up in here. So, the best you’re going to get is the Knicks City Dancers — which are kinda like soft core porn anyway. Moreover, because they’re associated with the Knicks, they are a walking disaster waiting to happen. See exhibit A. Nice recovery, though.

Thanks again to these and other peeps throwing LCG a link time and again. Much obliged. I’ll try to return the favor more often.

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