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Directing Team Loathing: Is it Possible to Share Disdain for More Than One "Arch Enemy?"

“No, I Hate You More”

Arch enemy. Nemesis. Rival. Adversary. They are all terms frequently associated with a lone team that represents all that is evil in the context of one’s own fandom. Each word evokes a singular opposition — one that, beyond all others, draws the ire of a fan base. For the Red Sox, it’s the Yankees. The Wolverines have the Buckeyes. Giants-backers reserve their loathing for the Dodgers. And so it goes.

But what happens when all of the sudden a second franchise makes a play to steal your affections. And by affections, I mean undying, vitriolic hatred. Such is the dilemma I now face. It came glaring to life as I caught a few minutes of ESPN’s Sunday night broadcast of opening day action. Braves. Phils.

For so long, I’ve bled blue-and-orange and reserved my disdain for only one foe – those tomahawk-choppers and their fair-weather “supporters” from Hotlanta. Larry Jones, Bobby Cox and the whole crew were the focus of our rage. From Rocker to Andruw Jones to Glavine, Smoltz and Maddux, no Brave was spared. They were the hated. It was an open-and-shut case.

But, now, as I watched the Braves take the field, I found something strange happening. It wasn’t that my distaste for Atlanta has dissipated, but, rather, that the Philthadelphia Phils were tapping into my hate gene just as strongly – if not stronger. Rollins, Victorino, Myers…just like the Bravoes it didn’t matter much who, once they donned the uni it was all over.

So, we find ourselves at a loss. Can a fan split their derision? Is it possible to have arch-nemeses? We think not. While we can’t stand the ‘Phins, our true antagonists are the Pats. Instead, it appears I must choose a mortal enemy on the diamond. This will be tough…

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  1. The "WHTNEP" San Diego Sports Fan Collective

    April 7, 2009 at 2:53 pm

    Don’t limit your loathing. Spread the wealth.

    The Patriots aren’t even in our division…Hate ’em (Fans, Coach,Male Model QB, and for beating us when it counts).

    The Raiders are divisional and geographical(fans are clowns, crypt keeper owner, too many fans in So Cal, all around losers:team and fans)…Hate ’em.

    The Broncos are divisional and geographical(had a whiny girl playing QB and with all due respect to Mets fans–they’re blue and orange)…Hate ’em.

    The Dodgers (all of their dickeys wearing, wife beater sportin’ fans…Hate ’em.)
    Yankees aren’t in our division let alone the same league (overpriced contracts are detrimental to ALL small market teams:A-Hole Owner:Beat us in 1998:GS Failed to get a ring for the one guy who deserved it-Don Mattingly)…Hate them too!

    As long as you can think of more than one reason to hate a team your disdain is justifiable.

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