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Does Anyone Care About The NBA These Days?

As late 80’s/early 90’s kids, Cecilio’s Scribe and I grew up in a time of larger than life NBA superstars. Bird and Magic were in the twilight of their careers, but still legends. Jordan was in his prime, Dominique was establishing the Human Highlight Reel, The Dream, The Admiral, and Patrick Ewing ruled the paint. The Round Mound of Rebound dominated at power forward as did The Mailman. We had Run TMC in Golden State and Clyde The Glide in Portland. The Cavs were rolling out formidable teams lead by Brad Daugherty (and his fragile back), Mark Price, Larry Nance and John “Hot Rod” Williams (not to be confused with Legend favorite
John “Hot Plate” Williams) Life was good, the NBA was scrumptulescent.
We’re not sure what happened, but by the time we got to college most of our friends thought the NBA sucked for one reason or another. I estimate that before I lost touch and became a Witness, 80% of sports fans I know felt something between apathy and sincere disdain for the NBA. Until LeBron came came to C-town, ending a decade of miserable Cavs basketball, even I had stopped caring about the league. Every time I went to see my current hometown team, the Wiz at the MCI? Verizon? Center, the crowd was dead until there were five minutes left in the fourth quarter (this is still the case).

Enter LBJ, and all the sudden I’m a basketball fanatic again. Amazing what a difference it makes when a player that makes you say, “holy sh*t that was incredible,” four or five times a game joins your team. By the way, LeBron has turned into an absolute killer at the end of games, and that is awesome.

Since I’ve become a Witness, I’ve kind of gone off the grid and lost touch with what the general public thinks. While I got a little nuts about the Ben Wallace trade, only one of my friends even knew about it. Please help me, Legend faithful, does everybody else still think the NBA sucks? I completely understand if you do, everyone can’t be a Witness. Just wondering, really.


  1. skins fan

    February 28, 2008 at 10:26 am

    The answer to your heading … no

  2. Erie's Scribe

    February 28, 2008 at 9:20 pm

    Yeah, I kind of got that feeling.

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