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Eagles Emmanuel Acho Makes 16-Year Old’s Prom Wish Come True

As an athlete, you can often choose to do the right thing…or not. Emmanuel Acho, a linebacker with the Philadelphia Eagles, thankfully chose the former. Yes, this story is a few days old. Yes, I’m getting soft in my old age. Perhaps it’s because I now have two daughters at home. Whatever the reason, I just love this.

Here’s the ClifNotes.

  • 16 year-old Hannah Delmonte of Purcellville, VA has her HS prom coming up
  • She wanted to go with Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Emmanuel Acho
  • Hannah tweets at Emmanuel with an invitation and a request for him to escort her to prom if she can garner 2,000 retweets
  • Acho counters with a 10K retweet offer
  • The Internet responds and re-tweets Delmonte’s message more than 17,000 times in a brief period of time
  • Acho pays off his end of the bargain flying from Dallas (where he’s attending graduate school) to deliver the news to Hannah in person in Virginia
  • Amazing emotion ensues
  • The moral (per Acho himself): when u can positively impact someone, don’t make excuses, make it happen!!

Damn straight. Just awesome.

achotweetVia Emmanuel Acho Twitter @thEMANacho


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