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Easing Back: Things that Make You Go Hmmm…

Welcome to the ’10, people. Thanks for continuing to frequent The Legend as we head into our fourth calendar year (holy…). I’ll try to keep bringing it in the New Year to as great a degree as possible. Things be a changing. I mean, hit the trifecta of Gracious Home locations in the NYC this week. What. The. F. (kidding, honey!)

Despite more housewares shopping than is customary, I’ve managed to keep an eye on sports over this holiday week and couldn’t help but pick up on a few strange stories and happenings drifting across the sporting plains. Things that make you (or at least me) go ‘hmm’ are popping up over the past few days. These weren’t pull your hair out or put your fist through a wall crazy, but, rather, brow-crinklers and stroke your chin in quiet contemplation types.

1. Arenas-Crittenton Duel: This one keeps getting weirder, and it won’t be disappearing anytime soon. Call it inexplicable curiosity, but I kinda wanna hear the rest of the story. Arenas’s star has faded strangely and a bit sadly. Maybe it’s me, but you feel like he kinda lost his way a few years back? Change of scenery talks that had been percolating may have made a lot of sense in retrospect. Honestly, though, pulling glocks in the locker room? What goes on these days?

2. Northwestern Field Goal Fake: For anyone who’s been watching this bowl “season” with any consistency, yesterday’s early game pitting Auburn and Northwestern takes the cake for best of the 09-10 slate to date. Without going into the recap, a great back-and-forth game (despite being filled with miscues) came down to a Northwestern field goal attempt to force a second overtime — with the Wildcats’ punter poised to make the kick in place of the team’s regular placekicker injured in the final minutes of regulation. Fitzgerald chooses to run a fake instead, and it’s stopped just short of the goal line — Auburn wins 38-35. Looking back (and at the time), I’ve got only one problem with the call. Why run that play to the short side of the field? If the Wildcats either run the play straight left (without the sneaky handoff) or execute it the same way with a flipped formation and the action coming back to the left (wide) side, we’d still be talking about the call…and a Northwestern win.

3. Krypto-NATE!: I’m one of the crazy ones. I’ve always liked Nate Robinson as a Knick. Sure he’s completely undisciplined and inclined to make boneheaded reprehensible decisions. Still, he’s everyone of those cliches you can throw out – a spark plug, instant energy, pure scorer, whatever. So, I hope it somehow works out for him in the Big Apple at least through the season. If last night is any indication, maybe things are about to turn for Nate. He ended his 14 game DNP-Coach’s decision run by dropping 41 points on 18-24 from the field (3-5 from three) in the Knicks overtime win over the Hawks.

4. Mike Leach: Cannot figure this guy out. Seems like a bit of an a-hole, but certain parts of this story don’t add up from any side. The only thing that makes a bit of sense is a bitter administration still pissed about Leach’s contract. Seems this relationship was on the skids long before Adam Jones came along, and these new emails published by The Dallas Morning News do nothing to detract from that primary contention.

5. Kobe, Again: I guess Kobe’s late-game heroics shouldn’t cause one to flinch anymore. Still, I feel like this happens every other day though now, no?

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