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If you have just started reading The Legend in the past three years, you might not know this but there are actually two writers who toil on this blog. Of course there is Cecilio’s Scribe, the Godfather, but there is also me, Erie’s Scribe. I’m back from a three-year sabbatical of wandering around the halls of higher learning in search of enlightenment. Hello, oh how I’ve missed thee, Legend faithful.
While Cecilio’s Scribe is rabid on the New York sports scene, I’ve been sentenced to my own personal hell as a Cleveland fan (and you can add the equally futile Buffalo Sabres in the mix as well). After a day of reflection on the hated Heat’s Finals meltdown, I’m ready to report. Really, it is not as glorious as I imagined.
Sure, it was great last night watching the Mavs wind down the fourth quarter in an Akron bar. The place was packed, and it was jumping with every offensive rebound the Mavs grabbed to keep possessions alive. Even in Akron, LBJ’s hometown, where he said he still had fans and that they don’t care about Cleveland, it was downright festive watching the Mavs win. People were cheering, jeering, and I even saw a little dancing after the final whistle. In the moment, it was great.
Cheering against the bad guys brings only so much joy, though. I’m writing purely as a sports fan and don’t want to give repute to the King’s post game comments, but for the sports fan, watching the bad guys lose just isn’t as gratifying as hoped. Unfortunately, hating on our rivals is all Cleveland sports fans have come playoff time lately. When the NFL playoffs come around, any team that plays against the Steelers becomes our favorite team (or against the Ravens for that matter). Likewise for any team playing the Yankees in baseball. And now, any team playing the Heat in the NBA.
Does it feel good when the bad guys lose? Hell yes, it does. It feels great! But does it match the unbridled enthusiasm I’m going to have when Colt McCoy brings home the Lombardi trophy? When Chris Perez shuts the door on a World Series victory? No. After that initial moment of “in your face” you traitor/dirtball/****er, you realize your joy was just driven by bitterness and isn’t really very joyful at all.
Congrats to Dirk, Jason Terry, and Jason Kidd for finally getting over the hump. Glad for you guys. I’m just not as glad as when I’ll see Joe Thomas, Grady Sizemore, and Alonzo Gee (just kidding, how about Kyrie Irving?) finally get their rings.

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About the Author: I am a Cleveland sports and Buffalo Sabres fanatic. I'm currently living in Erie, but even when I'm not there, Erie runs deep in me. I'm an ex multi-sport goalie, and we goalies tend to see things a bit differently. I went to college with Cecilio's Scribe and I am also a Big Red afficiando. Otherwise my college sports loyalties are all over the place. I try to keep my posts light, but I'm a Cleveland fan so the occassional rant is possible (inevitable?).

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  1. Cecilio's Scribe says:

    Erie's Scribe back in the houuuuuse

  2. Anonymous says:

    It has been a tough 3 years without erie's scribe, glad to have you back. Keep the faith, Phil Dawson burgers for everyone!

  3. xlpharmacy says:

    That picture was taken pretty early in the morning but there are place around the world that you can take a picture like that.

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