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ESPN Breaks Down Chestnut’s Hot Dog Stomach


Over the fourth of July holiday, Joey Chestnut continued to build on his legacy and perhaps solidify himself as the greatest competitive eater of all-time.

The latest feather in his cap was another Nathan’s hot dog eating contest crown, this time taking down 69 dogs in 10 minutes. It’s a truly incredible and frightening figure to get a handle on. However, when ESPN’s Sport Science segment breaks down the feat in a more, ummm, illustrative manner, it becomes downright TERRIFYING.

At your own risk, please observe what happens to the human stomach when 69 hot dogs, along with their water-logged buns, enter its domian. You can thank me later for contributing to your week’s weight loss. I am surely discouraged from eating…at all…ever…following exposure to this video. Maybe it’s just me…

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