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ESPN’s Jadeveon Clowney Commercial Paints “The Freak” as SEC’s Nightmare

The Freak is Coming

Cue Metallica’s Enter Sandman. Only it’s not just the beasts under your bed. It’s THE FREAK. In your closet, in your head…

Jadeveon Clowney may indeed be haunting the dreams of SEC quarterbacks, offensive coordinators and head coaches. Probably just as much as NFL scouts and coaches are drooling over the “can’t miss” prospect. Clowney has always been a top-flight prospect, but there was that one thing last season, you know, that elevated awareness shall we say…

Right, so there was that which we’ve now seen a least a trillion times. It could be the only highlight I’ve ever seen (or at least one of only a handful) that simply DOES NOT GET OLD.

Anyway, words like Freak tend to get thrown out and tagged to you a bit more after that kind of thing. Which all leads to this new promo spot from ESPN featuring Clowney. The nightmare is again about to begin for SEC offenses. Should be fun to watch.

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