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Fantastic finish to Texas high school football game

I spent the weekend in D.C. and made a stop at the Newseum. I mention that fact only because it was Saturday, August 31st. Those who have visited this great attraction know that one of the cool things before you even enter the museum is a series of 50+ displays that feature the front pages of newspapers from every state in the U.S., along with some major international papers.

Those covers can tell a lot. What they reminded me? Sure, Obama and all this Syria talk was a major story. But nothing could be more commonly found on the front pages across this nation than one subject – HS Football. Friday Night Lights indeed. And nowhere do those lights shine brighter than in good ‘ole Texas.

All of which takes us to a battle of 5A rivals — Copperas Cove and A&M Consolidated — that took place this past Friday night. We’ll summarize. One second left on the clock. Copperas up 41-38. It would not be the final score in this one.

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