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Forget the Interviews, Marshawn Lynch is here “just for the action”


Seriously, are there many more colorful NFL characters than Marshawn Lynch? The man we knew personally as “Beast Mode” before many others had any idea what the hell he was talking about, is here in town for Sunday’s Super Bowl. He wasn’t too keen on making the rounds and yucking it up for the cameras at today’s big Super Bowl media carnival thingy.

This annoyed some people. Not us. We’re just thankful Prime Time was able to grab Lynch away from the glare of the cameras and get some more candid time. As usual, Beast Mode did not disappoint. Is it me, or do you kind of want to just hang out with this guy. Seems like nothing fazes him, and he’s generally happy. Just get him some Skittles, and he’s all good. Feel like just hanging around Lynch would bring my blood pressure down a bit. Here’s to Beast Mode and “the action” coming this weekend. Don’t you dare ever change, Marshawn.

And for anyone lacking the translation skills, breaks down the transcript here.

Video via SB Nation


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