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Fox Super Bowl Broadcast Can Be Saved by One Man…Beast Mode

Yes, we finally hit on it. We almost want to pat ourselves on the back. It was so obvious, we’re almost embarrassed it’s taken this long. But better late than never.

We’ve finally identified the one thing that could make tomorrow’s FOX Super Bowl broadcast commentary more tolerable. The one personality who could deliver ratings that even Super Bowls of this caliber have failed to achieve. The one person who could bring a level of insight and commentary that would only be described as priceless. The potential ace up FOX’s sleeve.

Yes, ladies and gentelmen, we want Marshawn Lynch. It’s time to give Beast Mode the mic. He’s already in Arizona. A budding star. Knowledge of the players. The results could only be described as…phe-nom-e-nal.

For those who’ve been under a rock, Beast Mode has captivated the hearts of so many this year.

From his bad-ass onfield play to his incredibly articulate and easy-to-understand blog posts at Yardbarker to his unparalleled grill.Photobucket
As if his mere broadcast presence were not enough to convince FOX, a few seconds of his demo reel would be all even the most ignorant of network executives would need to see. Marshawn is incredibly engaging, funny and analytical. Plus, he’s supremely comfortable and experienced in front of the camera.

Observe his ability to grab the viewers attention with the change in voice intonation during this clip.

And look at how at the ease with which he helps ESPN capture the real-life behind-the-scenes footage at Applebee’s and Dave & Buster’s.

FOX is run by a bunch of blind folks if they don’t see the gold mine they’d be walking into if they made this call. Their telecast would shine as blindingly as Beast Mode’s Grill.

Marshawn in the booth…on the sideline…involved in the telecast in any way…would be HYPHY.

Can you even imagine?

“Brady is hyphy. Dude’s kicked it into Beast Mode, dog. TOO solid.”

“My boy Kool-Aid is stupid fast…you know he’s got his own shoes now?”
[Camera pans to Joe and Troy whose facial expressions illustrate pure confusion]

The mere thought of it gets me as giddy as a schoolgirl. FOX, again, missing the boat. What is this amateur hour? I guess so…for now, we’ll just keep hoping…


  1. Mac G

    February 2, 2008 at 2:32 pm

    thats awesome

  2. MB in Buffalo

    February 4, 2008 at 10:26 am

    This is great. Marshawn is indeed a welcome addition to the Buffalo area and would have been far more entertaining than Ryan Seacrest on the pre-game red carpet. Can you imagine the posters that Lynch might have inspired if he played in the early 90’s!

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