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Magic Steppin’ Up…or Not

The Mets dropped two of three to the Phils @Citi in a series that was (and I’m not stretching) very much sweepable (for the home team). Plus, I stayed up to watch the freakin’ Lakers win in game four (that’s what you get for putting a pic of D-Howard up top of a blog post too early). Therefore, I am in a piss poor mood this morning. At least let’s get that out on the table. Not to mention work is kicking my ass, I’m tired of searching for a new apartment, and I feel like the summer is again slipping by even though it hasn’t even really started. In the good news category, at least I don’t have any weddings to attend this weekend.

So, this morning we’re going with some random quickies — almost twitteresque one might say.

  • Posnaski and Deadspin broke down the whole Ibanez/MSF “thing” in ways that made sense to me. Bless them.
  • I find Pau Gasol immensely dislikable. So sick of the general European crybaby crap. Gasol and Ginobli are peas from the same whiny-ass pod.
  • When did every athlete named “Dwight” all of the sudden become DA-white according to all the damn commentators on every network?
  • Trevor Ariza wasn’t good enough for the Knicks to keep around. Ain’t that a trip.
  • The Red Sox have Yanks number this year. Having seen both now in person this season, Phils and Sox are scariest lineups in baseball. Don’t even think it’s close.
  • Skip to My Lou always makes me smile and think NYC street hoops. The Goat. Starbury, of course. But I always remember pulling so hard for Sweet Pea Lloyd Daniels and being disappointed he never fulfilled the promise. Back to S2ML, here’s a sweet, older video (via Both Teams Played Hard). Our boy should’ve received more run down the stretch last night.:

  • Lamar Odom is one of the most baffling players I’ve watched. At times, he seems most underrated in League. Most of time, seems like most overrated and makes me think Chazz Paliminteri in Bronx Tale…”wasted talent.”
  • The Braves have fallen into the abyss of mediocrity. Barbaro Canizares starting and batting cleanup tends to signal such things.
  • Magic Johnson has not uttered a single sentence that has been in any way interesting or enlightening since the start of this series. Not one.
  • And, finally in not-really-sports “news.” I really like the Heineken “Let a Stranger Drive You Home” commercials. Sure, there’s a don’t drink and drive message, and I get it. Good, light-hearted way to deliver it too. But with its Biz Markie, hair-waving fun-looking party people and vibe it makes me want to go out and drink (which is also, of course, the point of commercial said or unsaid). Reminds me of one of those nights with friends you haven’t seen in awhile where you end up in a cab going somewhere random and doing stuff, like, well singing “Just a Friend” in four-part harmony.

Here’s to all y’all hopefully having one of those happy nights this weekend. I’m going to go sign myself up for one.

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