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FSU’s #askjameis twitter party probably not such a good idea


I’m consistently amazed at how dumb supposedly educated people can be. Yesterday, someone on the Florida State PR/communications team stood idly by and let an absolutely moronic idea come to life…like, in real life.

The Seminoles, in an effort to “to continue to find ways to connect our fans and the players they support,” opened up the social lines to allow the Twitterverse to #askjameis (as in last year’s Heisman winner, sophomore quarterback Jameis Winston) anything on their mind. Ummm…how do we say this? BAD. F-IN. IDEA.

Now, I don’t purport to be the PR master of the universe, despite putting in 15 years or so in the profession. However, I am still struggling to find out HOW ON EARTH anyone who has spent more than about 15 MINUTES in the field could decide that this was a sound idea.

Perhaps we are too cynical a society. Maybe Elliott Finebloom, the Seminoles SID, just believes in the goodness of humanity and the power of social media to illustrate that shining light in our collective souls. Or maybe he just blacked out while someone was asking for his approval on this particular tactical execution.

Whatever the reason, the #askjameis Twitter party (if you want to call it that) commenced complete with that fantastically open-ended hashtag for all of America to inquire. Explore. Probe. Or, more likely for anyone who’s spent more than half-a-minute on “the Twitter,” HAVE AT IT.

Winston is a gifted athlete. A Heisman winner. However, he’s also been a lightning rod for mocking and controversy. The former stemming from various run-ins with the law including the now infamous crab claw heists from Publix. The latter on account of serious sexual assault accusations that eventually faded into the darkness (rightly or wrongly). He may indeed be a fine man who’s made only a minor crustacean-fueled misstep. Regardless, the Twitter world – particularly the sports fan – often prides his or herself on the ability to be snarktastic.

All those factors combined for some memorable tweets. I’ve yet to see Jameis’s response, but the queries did more than their part to illustrate the ill-fated peril of such an endeavor. A few samples for flavor.

Channeling the spirit of the legendary Ron Burgundy, hey FSU PR department, why don’t you sit this next one out.






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