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Golden State salutes its fans

Classy move by a young team

Classy move by a young team

Time is short these days, so what’s making it here is only the good stuff. This moment, from after the Warriors loss last night to San Antonio, certainly qualifies.

Golden State took me — and most other casual or hardcore NBA fans — for quite the postseason ride. The Warriors became my must-watch team during these playoffs. The combination of former Knick Mark Jackson at the helm, a slew of young, seemingly unselfish stars and just a likable team that embraces that term in the best manner possible, made them darlings at Oracle and beyond.

In the process, continuing a regular season trend, the Warriors homecourt advantage was something special. The fans were great and there was a strange feeling that they were uniquely “in sync” with their team. It was visible for any TV-watching spectator, and Stephen Curry and teammates made sure to recognize it.

It’s rare you see a losing team come back onto the court following an NBA playoff series. But the gesture to salute their fans shows a lot about the character of this team. In short, they’re hard not to like. Curry’s right, too. There’s a strong young nucleus there.

We hope they keep climbing. It’s a team, and a fanbase, that seem deserving of future success.

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