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Hard Knocks teaser features trash-talking Dolphins

Dolphin fail?

Dolphin fail?

I love Hard Knocks. I’ve professed it before and stated many of the reasons. I also get marketing. It’s sort of my day job. You know. Creating compelling stories. Reaching audiences. Influencing behavior through communications. But this? Sorry, I just don’t get.

Creative? Maybe? Effective? I’d say no, but I’m writing about it so does that mean it was successful? If it’s about getting potential viewers excited to tune in, than this one fails for me. What are we talking about?

Check out the latest “teaser” promoting HBO’s Hard Knocks series with the Miami Dolphins. It kicks off next week. This spot aims to remind us not to miss it…by featuring…real…Dolphins…”talking” smack. Really.

Call me old-fashioned, but I still fall for the dramatic music, sled drills and time-lapsed videos of the sky and sh*t. Just kinda does it for me. Also, showing football usually helps. Just sayin…

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